Anything else but a Baby Diary.

Your baby is here and suddenly your life feels very different: Every day is unique, and there are constantly new milestones in your child's journey: The first smile, the first word, the first step. Download the Meilim app now and record your milestones!

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Baby Boost

Babies go through a really exciting development in the first year - almost every month they experience a growth spurt. A baby boost is a phase in which the child makes a leap in its growth. This so-called growth spurt does not mean that the baby suddenly grows faster - although it also increases in weight and height. It is more of a mental developmental leap. With each baby boost, the child acquires a new range of perceptual skills, learns to know and control its body better, and refines and improves its sensory organs. Parents often want to document the baby boost so that they can refer back to them later and follow the development again. Meilim is the perfect tool for this. In Meilim, they create all the milestones and stages of their baby, creating a timeline piece by piece, filled with all the moving moments and sweet pictures that they can share with the whole family.

Momente für die Ewigkeit

Memories are a gift

You will experience so much with your child. Sometimes you will wish you could stop time, because the little ones because the little ones grow up so fast! All these memories are precious treasures. You can now easily and safely store them and retrieve them again and again - with Meilim

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A child is considered an infant, also called a baby, from the 29th day of life until the twelfth month. However, the term baby is also used to refer to children from birth and into toddlerhood. In babyhood, children learn many important new skills and develop strongly. In the course of the first year, they learn to hold their own head, speak their first words and take their first steps. But even infants - like all people - are individuals. They are different and already have unique character traits. Thus, there is a wide range of quite normal variations in how a baby can develop and in which order it can learn skills. For parents in particular, infancy is an exciting time, as there are an incredible number of exciting milestones to experience with their child.


Boosts or thrusts are generally understood to mean (jerky) pushing or shoving. In physics, thrusts mean the so-called pushing force. In medicine, relapses, such as those that occur in fever attacks, mean irregular intervals that are abrupt and violent. In general, one often also speaks of growth spurts. This refers to physical growth in babies, children and adolescents.

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