Anything else but a Baby Diary.

Your baby is here and suddenly your life feels very different: Every day is unique, and there are constantly new milestones in your child's journey: The first smile, the first word, the first step. Download the Meilim app now and record your milestones!

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Logbook App for Parents

The first days and weeks after birth, there are especially many memories worth capturing: Two-hour feedings, unforgettable diaper experiences, or morning, noon, afternoon and early evening naps. To capture the burden of these moments, a logbook app for parents is a great way to do it. Keep a record of the best moments in their child's life and share them with their loved ones. With Meilim as a logbook app for parents, you can record all the milestones of your baby and add photos, videos and texts to remember them later. With lovingly designed illustrations and inspiring suggestions for milestones, the Meilim app becomes a personal diary and an integral part of their child's growing up. Little by little, parents create a timeline in the logbook app with all the special things that their child achieves and experiences every day.

Momente für die Ewigkeit

Memories are a gift

You will experience so much with your child. Sometimes you will wish you could stop time, because the little ones because the little ones grow up so fast! All these memories are precious treasures. You can now easily and safely store them and retrieve them again and again - with Meilim

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In the maritime industry, a logbook is a binding, chronological book in which all the most important events on board a ship are recorded. The logbook is used to record and archive the speed measured with the help of the log, the journey through the water and the daily distance covered calculated with the help of the course and dead reckoning. The logbook is used synonymously with a diary or a log in modern times. In addition, a logbook can mean an instrument with which students can learn to determine their own academic goals, plan and monitor learning processes, and evaluate results independently.


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Parents defines the immediate ancestors of a person from whom he descended in a straight line or whose parenthood was legally determined. Parents include the child's mother and father. People can be Parents in different ways. They are the biological or birth Parents of a child if they fathered the child. So biological parentage is about procreation and kinship. Legal parenthood refers to the legal determination of who is considered the mother and father of a child. This is associated with parental rights and obligations. The person who gave birth to the child is considered the mother. The father is the person who recognizes the person as his child or who has been determined to be the father.

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