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Your baby is here and suddenly your life feels very different: Every day is unique, and there are constantly new milestones in your child's journey: The first smile, the first word, the first step. Download the Meilim app now and record your milestones!

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My first Year personalized

With a baby diary app like Meilim, numerous events in baby's first 12 months can be personalized as My First Year. Major events and milestones such as first sitting, standing and crawling can be documented in a timeline with loving illustrations and inspirational suggestions. From birth to first tooth to first birthday, and with highlights for each month, this creates a personalized My First Year diary of the child. Meilim keeps the memories of her baby's big moments alive. Whether you share the personalized My First Year Diary with the whole family or reminisce all by yourself, Meilim's Baby Diary keeps the memories of your baby's big moments alive and ensures that you can still access them long after the baby has grown up..

Momente für die Ewigkeit

Memories are a gift

You will experience so much with your child. Sometimes you will wish you could stop time, because the little ones because the little ones grow up so fast! All these memories are precious treasures. You can now easily and safely store them and retrieve them again and again - with Meilim

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A child is considered an infant, also called a baby, from the 29th day of life until the twelfth month. However, the term baby is also used to refer to children from birth and into toddlerhood. In babyhood, children learn many important new skills and develop strongly. In the course of the first year, they learn to hold their own head, speak their first words and take their first steps. But even infants - like all people - are individuals. They are different and already have unique character traits. Thus, there is a wide range of quite normal variations in how a baby can develop and in which order it can learn skills. For parents in particular, infancy is an exciting time, as there are an incredible number of exciting milestones to experience with their child.

The first Year

In child development, first year is usually particularly exciting and eventful. Almost every week, the baby learns something new and continues to develop. Important milestones in motor development are crawling and learning to walk. In addition, your child's language development progresses in leaps and bounds during first year: your child is getting better and better at communicating with its environment. While the baby is just starting to arrive in the first few weeks, it very quickly begins to perceive its surroundings, raise its head and wants to communicate. It begins to discover the world and quickly develops its own personality. When at the age of six months the first teeth appear, you realize that first year flies by so fast! Then the phase of first year begins in which the child becomes really active and begins to sit, crawl and stand up. So for new parents, it's also an exciting year that they'll remember fondly later. Meilim helps parents create a lovingly designed overview of all their child's milestones.


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